How To Vet A Residential Relocation Company

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How To Vet A Residential Relocation Company

5 June 2023
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Residential relocation companies help thousands of Australians move to their new homes annually. When hiring these companies, the golden rule is vetting the service provider to ensure they have the expertise and experience needed to execute the move. The piece below lists several questions to help you vet a residential relocation company. 

What Do You Need To Move The Household? 

The removalist must inspect your household to determine the equipment needed to pack and move your items. The removalist could conduct a physical inspection or ask you to take a video of your house. Most household items are easy to pack and move. For instance, the removalist can wrap your ceramics and glassware with newspapers to prevent cracks when packing them in cartons. Moreover, the professional uses removal blankets to protect fragile electronics such as television sets from damage during the move. However, some items can present removal challenges. If your home has a grand piano, the removalist might need a forklift to lift, load and unload the piano. On the other hand, the professional might require to dismantle bulky furniture or subcontract a security company to move your valuable artwork. 

Is your new property ready to move in? If you need comprehensive removal services, the professional could hire electricians and plumbers to ensure your new home is ready for occupation. The removalist could also ask you to inform the property manager when you intend to move in. This way, they can organise ample parking space for the moving truck. Moreover, they could notify neighbours about disruptions as you move into the property.  

Do You Offer Storage Services? 

Storage services are an essential aspect of your relocation. Typically, old furniture, appliances and clothes do not have a place in your new home. A storage unit helps you store these items for future use. Moreover, storage space comes in handy if your new home requires some minor renovations. You could keep kitchen appliances and equipment in an on-site storage unit as you repaint the space or install a kitchen island. Ensure your removalist offers storage services to avoid the inconvenience of hiring storage space from a third party. 

What Are Your Terms And Conditions? 

The removalist must have reasonable conditions. For instance, they must inform you about their expectations. For example, the removalist could ask you to defrost your fridge and freezer. They could also ask you to provide manuals to ensure they can quickly disassemble and assemble your furniture. Does the removalist offer removal insurance services? It prevents financial loss if some items suffer accidental damage during packing or moving. Finally, inquire about the removal charges and payment arrangements.

For more information, contact a residential relocation company near you.