Two Common Blunders People Make When They Use the Services of Home Removalists

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Two Common Blunders People Make When They Use the Services of Home Removalists

27 September 2021
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Here are some common blunders people make when they use home removal services.

They don't tell the home removals team that they haven't finished packing

It's very common for people to underestimate how long it will take to pack their things and to find themselves still packing on the morning of their moving day, shortly before their removalists are expected to show up. The error some people make is not calling the removalists the second they realise they are not going to finish packing by the time the removals team arrives. This can cause delays, as the removalists might not be able to load the truck as fast as they had expected they would.

If a client gives their removalists some notice, the removalists can then take action to help the client out. For example, if the removals company offers a packing service, they might be able to provide it at short notice and bring along some extra team members to help finish off the last bit of packing.

Alternatively, if the company doesn't offer packing services but the person in question is their only client that day and they, therefore, have some extra time, they might be able to take a different approach. They could, for instance, reschedule and arrange to come to the client's home a few hours later to begin the loading work, instead of showing up at the original time and having to stand around and wait whilst the client hurriedly stuffs their things into boxes. This solution would mean the client would feel less pressured to rush around.

They only label one side of each box

Virtually everyone knows how important it is to label their packed boxes when moving. However, some people only label one of the six sides of each box. This can be an issue when a person is using a removal service. If one of the removalists is holding a box at a particular angle whilst searching for the room in the new house where it belongs, they might not be able to see the label that's on a specific side of it that states what it contains.

They might then need to turn it around in their arms (which could be tricky if the box is heavy and big) or spend time placing it on the ground and looking for the labelled side before they can take it to the correct room. This could prolong the unloading process, which could then lead to the client not being able to unpack as much as they had planned to after arriving.

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