Time Saving Tactics When Moving Your Home

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Time Saving Tactics When Moving Your Home

22 October 2021
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Moving your home can be a time-intensive activity. However, most people want to move in the shortest possible time. It is especially so since they need time to settle in their new homes before resuming their daily schedules. So, how can you save time when moving your home? Below are some valuable tips. 

Move What You Need

You do not need to move every item in your home. Conduct a visual inspection to identify clothes, broken appliances and furniture that you no longer use. Friends and neighbours could also have left some personal items in your home. Moving with these items will increase the time it takes to pack your items. Additionally, they increase the removal costs. 

Inquire About Restricted Items 

Suppose you intend to move to another state or country. In this case, you should check the laws of your new home to determine what you can or cannot move. Moving with prohibited items could lead to time wastage at the point of entry since the whole consignment has to be inspected. Besides, you risk fines. Your removalist should inform you about the prohibited items and whether you need special permits to move with some items. 

Be Honest With Your Removalist

If the removalist cannot visit your home to inspect your items, they might ask you to take a video of your household items or declare what you intend to move. In some cases, a homeowner could leave out some items hoping that the removalist will charge less.

Well, this strategy could work against you. For example, if you left out a sofa, the removalist could come with a smaller truck. Besides, the removalist could realise that they need special equipment to dismantle or carry the couch. Such complications will lead to time wastage. You should also inform the removalist if you live in a storey building if the area has sufficient parking and your new home's exact location. 

Choosing a Removal Day

What day should you move? Assess your needs vis-à-vis the removalist's availability to determine the best time to move. Nonetheless, if you are in a rush, consider moving at night when your apartment's hallways and staircases are empty. Besides, it will help you avoid traffic jams. Most removalists offer 24/7 services. Therefore, you do not need to worry about their availability. 

When moving your home, save time by leaving items you no longer need, inquiring about restricted items, being honest with your removalist and being cautious when choosing a removal day. Contact residential removal services to learn more.